Basic Camp

In appreciation of the nation-building work of Prahar, Mr. Hemant and Mrs. Sulbha Zakate, renowned personalities of Nagpur have very generously donated 2.66 acres of land to the organization. This became the campsite of Prahar known as Prahargadh. Prahargadh houses residential facilities for the campers who come here for the feel of adventure. In this picturesque countryside, 16 interesting obstacles have been constructed.

The duration of basic camp that Prahar organizes is 7 days. This camp is organised in the summer vacations and the age-group available for this camp is 10 years and above. The children undergo morning running, obstacle training activities followed by breakfast and later on, some team-building activities. After lunch, the children have various competitions and different kinds of lectures. Evenings are full of sports and fun. The seven-day schedule makes a child self-reliant, creates a positive outlook, makes him discipline, instils good values in him, inculcates healthy competitive- spirit in him, creates an ability in him to adjust in all types of circumstances, makes him patriotic and above all develops leadership qualities in him. We call these students as Praharis because we teach them to fight the evil in them and the society. In short, the basic camp moulds a child into a responsible person.


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