Himalayan Trekking Camp

Just imagine! Walking and trekking among the Himalayas! Fascinating and daunting, wreathed in religious mythology and mountaineering lore, the Himalayas are without a doubt one of the most spiritually exciting, wildly adventurous, spectacularly beautiful and deeply serene places on earth. Exploring these mystic mountains and conducting a nature’s study has always intrigued Prahar. Hence, every year in the month of May Prahar organizes Himalayan trekking cum nature study camp. Various places in the Himalayan ranges are explored to spread awareness regarding conservation of the forest cover and to increase love for the natural resources. The camp includes bird-watching, star gazing, rock climbing, trekking and first-aid training etc. one can enjoy dining in the campfire during the night among the nature’s beauty. The best part of this camp is that experienced, learned instructors of Prahar train the participants in mountaineering up to the snow-line level of the Himalayan valleys. The students are not only trained in mountain rescue and river-crossing but also in paragliding and white water rafting. A great sense of national integration is promoted throughout such camps and the need to save the environment at large is instilled in the students.


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