Outbound Training Workshop

Leadership skills are valued in every size and type of business. The aim of business houses should not be only to make leaders who can take decisions but it should also be to make leaders who lead by personal example. Prahar has formulated “Special Outbound Training Program” for the management students. The program “Tough gets Going” is a team –building workshop which operates leadership development sessions and allows the treasured skills to be learned and improved. This program is conducted at Prahargadh and through every activity various facets of a leader are nurtured. The program covers training related to obstacle-crossing, group tasks, group planning, rock-climbing, rappelling, slideshows, movies, lectures and many more.

This program develops a sense of team spirit, builds confidence, inculcates habit of adjustment, teaches discipline and gives opportunity to enjoy and learn  the managerial skills practically on ground. Various colleges like Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies & Research, Institute of Management Technology, Institute of Management Technology, Datta Meghe Institute of Management Studies & Research and many more regularly participate in the outbound training program.

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